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Better than you. For sure.
Gakuko headed down the mansion to get her laundry. She was annoyed. Royally-pissed sort of annoyed.

Things really weren't going her way since the whole update, were they? First the slight personality changes, then the Halloween. . .thing, then the absolute lack of purple tuxedos being sold.

Yes, tuxedos. Of all the roles she had to get, she got to be the groom. For someone who didn't care much about everyone else, Gakuko was really having trouble dealing with the whole marriage 'live-with-each-other-forever' concept. Especially when she didn't know her bride. Who happened to be a male.

Is it just her, or is something really wrong here? A lady as the groom and a man as the bride. Pretty weird, yes.

That aside, she had tried to look for nice purple tuxedos, but they had none. At all. What is this nonsense? Gakuko had to settle for a white tuxedo. Which wasn't that bad, she guessed. Since her kimono's mostly white, too.

As Gakuko pulled the tuxedo out of the dryer, she smiled. Apparently washing it with her other purple clothing dyed it a slight purple. Which was better than nothing.

Maybe things were starting to look up.


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Y u no do any Mario Bros.Icons,jus wonderin..
IceHeartAlchemist May 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Gakuko!
Gakuko watz up kiddo

Dont Think Your Better Then Me!!
mechatrain150 Feb 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
[Hugs tightly] Gakuko!
will u do some art for me...?
*walks up to, wearing a santa hat*

Here are your presents. *hands them over*

The first present is from Len. Inside is a pet rock. The note attached reads: “I thought you'd like this.

P.S. Thanks for fixing me.”

The second present is from Gakupo. Inside is a frappuccino. The note attached reads: “It's spiked with green tea, a new blend. We should drink these together and discuss important things in life like our hair, no~?
Your beloved nii
Gakupo x”
[Opens the door to the med room and walks in.]

Heeeey. You there?

[Needs to get that bandage checked. Yep.]
Gakuko happened to be in the med room since morning that day, because that place needs a cleanup, if she ever planned to use it. It took a long while, but she got most of the room cleaned up! Just some of the cupboards left to go, and the equipment needs to be tested and checked to make sure they work, and-

Her schedule-planning was interrupted by a familiar face that just walked in from the door. Kagamine Len. She'll stop cleaning up for now. He's probably here to get that wound checked, right? It didn't look like he bled through that bandage, but she'll change the dressing anyway. Safer, no?

Gakuko dusted herself off, then went to get the stuff she needed again.

"Yes, go sit yourself down on the bed, I'll be with you in a moment."
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